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We believe travel 
brings families closer together

Vacation is where families really thrive, kids grow to love learning, and our best memories are made… But it shouldn’t come at the expense of mom’s (or dad’s) sanity. 

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for families to travel together. 

We LOVE to travel and we want YOU to love it too! It’s why we spend so much time in the beginning, learning about what you envision for your dream trip so we can help make it happen.

Hi, I’m Christina Vieira

When I was a kid, I visited EPCOT. Amazed by the different cultures, I promptly added dozens of countries to my bucket list, feeding a travel bug that has never left. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of families take the same kind of magical vacation—whether to Disney World, a tropical paradise, or some of the world’s oldest cultures.

Beyond the satisfaction of helping busy moms like myself plan perfect vacations where they can be totally present, I love that I get to help spark that same sense of wanderlust that I felt so long ago at the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’ in other young world travelers.

Founder, Lead Travel Planner & Globetrotting Mom

Meet the Team

Melissa Latta

Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise Line Expert

Catching the travel bug while honeymooning at Disney World, Melissa is a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic who has been planning client vacations to the park for over 5 years. Her favorite part of her job is receiving photos during a client’s vacation and hearing a rundown of their trip when they get home!

Melissa’s all-time favorite vacation was a Disney cruise in 2019, because not only were there dozens of spot-on activities for the kids, but it also offered her and her husband plenty of alone time to connect—and as work-at-home parents who can’t just “leave the office,” this was a biggie.  

When it comes to travel, Melissa wishes that more parents knew that 1) taking breaks just for them is essential, and 2) hiring an advisor actually ensures you’ll enjoy every part of your vacation!

Kristen Bird

Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise Line Expert

As a mother to two young girls, Kristen values travel for the way it exposes them to different cultures and helps them become more well-rounded, empathetic individuals. She lives for the memory-making too—and as a travel planner, she loves to craft itineraries that perfectly match a family’s personality!

In college, Kristen was able to travel to NYC, Chicago, Spain, and Portugal, and the rest is history: she happily became the go-to trip planner for friends and family, making it official by joining Showcase the World Travel last year.

If Kristen could offer parents one piece of travel advice it would be to relax, because the best vacation memories aren’t the “picture perfect” ones… they’re the little things like swimming together in the ocean or having ice cream for breakfast!  

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Are you passionate about family vacations and in love with planning the details? 
Join our team to help us bring families closer together!

Join our team

Are you passionate about family vacations and in love with planning the details? 
Join our team to help us bring families closer together!
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From Solopreneur to Coordinated Team:

The Evolution of Showcase the World Travel

Christina Vieira is born

As the oldest to 3 younger brothers, Christina soon steps into the unofficial role of ‘family planner.’

Then into the corporate world

Taking her detail-oriented skills corporate, Christina began planning events, trade shows, and incentive trips for a tech company.

Enter: the Side Hustle

Friends and family would go to Christina for travel advice (which she loved), so she turned it into a thriving side business!


Christina had to completely re-learn what “travel” meant to her with a new baby in tow… and found that sharing wanderlust with her daughter was like icing on the cake!

Recommitting to the business

With her reinforced convictions about the importance of family travel, Christina battled burn-out and refocused on her business.

Becoming a Team

As her client base grew, Christina sought out other detail-oriented travel lovers like herself to expand her one-woman show.

Helping Families Thrive

Now, as a team of five, Showcase the World Travel helps hundreds of families take the vacation of their dreams every year (without all of the planning stress)!

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