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  On our last trip to Walt Disney World in January 2022, we stayed at the Grand Floridian Villas. We spent a little less time in the parks so we could enjoy the amenities of the Disney’s Flagship Resort. I had eaten at Citricos back for Christmas Dinner in 2015, and it was fine, but […]

  Photo credit: I am very fortunate to be able to visit Walt Disney World multiple times each year. Even though I visit regularly I know I will NEVER be able to experience everything that Disney has to offer. That is why once a year I try to designate a theme for one of […]

  Photo credit: Fort Wilderness was one of Disney’s first accommodation options that opened a few weeks after the Magic Kingdom in November 1971. It offers one of the most unique ways to stay with an assortment of campsites and cabins.  While I am not personally a big fan of camping or even the […]

  Disney resort categories are extremely confusing. In this blog series I am going to be comparing the resorts in each category.   Disney offers resorts with varying levels of amenities to fit every travel style and budget.  Value Moderate  Deluxe Resorts.  For more info check out Understanding Disney World Resort Categories Basically, as you […]

My last themed vacation was all about Princesses, but Disney is often criticized for overlooking the part of the population who are not fans of dress up, animal sidekicks and damsels in distress. So today we are talking about Pirates!! Pirates have always been an important part of the Disney movie catalog. Walt loved adventure […]