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Most people associate EPCOT with one thing… drinking!! This is in part to the annual EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. Fall was a very slow time at all the Walt Disney World theme parks and in 1996 then EPCOT VP of Operations, George Kalogridis came up with the idea of marketplaces offering small plates […]

One of the requests I get when planning Walt Disney World vacations is that they would like to book the character dining experience. They are usually taken aback when I ask which one? While not all of the character dining experiences have returned after COVID, you still have options when it comes to dining with […]

  If you are planning your first Disney vacation you may not understand just how HUGE Walt Disney World is. With four theme parks, all of which exceed the size and scope of your local six flags plus 40 square miles of accommodations, utilities, and activities. That is the size of San Francisco!!! A lot […]

  The “best” time to visit disney world  Among the top five questions from families planning a vacation to Disney’s theme parks is “When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?”  The best time is subjective, but it’s usually defined as lowest crowd levels, lowest price, moderate temperatures with mild weather. Let’s be […]

  I have always had a major sweet tooth so you will usually find me mobile ordering dole whip, croque glace, or schoolbread. But sometimes you just want something a little savory to hold you over before your next dining reservation. Here are my favorite savory snacks at Walt Disney World, many you can even […]