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Are you thinking about planning a trip to sunny Florida for a vacation at Disney World? Disney has so much to offer that it can be hard to figure out which parks you want to visit during your stay. If you want a break from the hot sun and are looking for a way to […]

One of the reasons I started Showcase the World Travel is to help Moms plan stress free family vacations. I spend a lot of time in Disney and Mom Facebook groups answering questions and helping Moms make the best decision for their families. The two most popular questions I see are “Is the Halloween Worth […]

If you go on any Facebook Moms Group or Disney Planning Board, EVERYONE will tell you to avoid Walt Disney World in the summer. Though it was once one of the park’s peak seasons, summer has now become one of the quietest! When I was a kid, we would go to Disney during October, which […]

  The Disney Community has been looking forward to 2021 for a few years now. The parks have been undergoing renovations that were supposed to be completed prior to the resort’s 50th Anniversary in October. While we were excited about the many new things coming, we did not expect all of the changes that the […]

  No matter what your school district decided for the 2020/2021 school year we all know it is not what we hoped for our children. This past year we have missed out on vacations, celebrations and life in general. You might want to reschedule your missed 2020 Disney trip but don’t know what to expect […]