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Planning a vacation to the Caribbean, but don’t know which island is right for your family? Each island destination has a unique history, unique culture and unique experience – it can be difficult to choose. Here, we recommend our favorite islands based on various travel styles and ages, to give you a place to start. […]

There is not much traveling we can do right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t be planning for future travel⁠. I know a lot of people have been hit financially by the COVID pandemic (myself included) so budgeting for your next vacation may be a little harder than you are used to. ⁠ I […]

With the current social distancing procedures and school closures, you may have found yourself a reluctant home school parent. But even home school parents rely on real-world experience and field trips to teach their children. While this may not be possible for the next few weeks there are some great locations offering virtual tours. As […]

There is nothing I love more than traveling with my kids. Not only do I get to go to incredible places, but I also get to watch my daughter grow, discover and explore. I honestly believe that by learning world history, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people that kids develop a better understanding and […]

When it comes to booking your next vacation you may head to booking engines like Expedia or even your local big box store… Costco Travel has been getting a lot of publicity lately. While it may seem like going online and booking your vacation will be the easy and most cost effective option, in some […]