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One of the reasons I started Showcase the World Travel is to help Moms plan stress free family vacations. I spend a lot of time in Disney and Mom Facebook groups answering questions and helping Moms make the best decision for their families. The two most popular questions I see are “Is the Halloween Worth […]

      With Christmas right around the corner, take a break from the busy and see what Disney Springs has to offer. Disney is already magical all-year-round so you can only imagine how they kick up the magic during the most special time of the year: The Holiday Season. Disney Springs creates an unforgettable […]

  Photo credit: You are so excited, you have decided to take kids to Walt Disney World for Christmas. Maybe you are even planning on surprising them with packed suitcases under the tree. Then, you start researching or worse, ask for tips in your local Facebook Moms group and you get incredibly dejected when […]

  Every Disney fan has a dream of visiting the Magic Kingdom at Christmas time, seeing all the festive decorations and watching the parade they remember waking up to see on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, that parade is filmed in segments in early November. There is a wonderful Christmas parade with the gingerbread men, reindeer, and […]