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Most people associate EPCOT with one thing… drinking!! This is in part to the annual EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. Fall was a very slow time at all the Walt Disney World theme parks and in 1996 then EPCOT VP of Operations, George Kalogridis came up with the idea of marketplaces offering small plates […]

  The International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT begins in March every year. For me, up in the Northeast it is a little sign of hope that spring is around the corner! During this time, EPCOT is colorful, bright and fresh.  This beautiful festival has been the highlight of many visitors’ springs since it […]

  First, let me answer. When Is the EPCOT Festival of the Arts? The arts festival runs from mid- January to mid-February, making EPCOT the home to festivals almost year-round.  It all started with the introduction of the spring EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival in 1994. The perennial fall favorite Food and Wine Festival was added to […]