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As a busy mom, planning the ideal family vacation can feel like navigating a maze. You’ve got a long bucket list of destinations, each promising its own exciting adventures and unique experience. But when is the right time to take your kids to these magical places? And how do you pick the perfect destination that […]

Staying at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is like stepping into a timeless realm of elegance, sprinkled with that unique Disney magic. My childhood memories of the Grand Floridian are filled with awe, yet I recall yearning for the adventure and vibrancy of the Caribbean Beach Resort after a visit with a friend. This […]

There’s no time quite like the two and a half months of summer vacation for school aged kids. For many families, this period is the perfect opportunity to take their big vacation of the year. While the advantage of avoiding school disruptions and enjoying the summer weather in the Northern Hemisphere is undeniable, it’s important […]

From all the places you will travel in Europe, none is quite like Italy. The natural beauty of this country has been recognized long before the Renaissance and ancient Rome, with soaring mountains and breathtaking cliffs. The rich cultural atmosphere makes for a vacation that holds learning experiences and adventure.  3 Nights in Rome Let […]

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World and trying to figure out what to bring? As a travel advisor, and a mom, and a frequent Disney goer, I am quite the expert when it comes to what to pack for a trip to Disney World. I have some tips I’d love to share […]