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If you’re looking for a road trip to take with your family and you live in the Sunshine State then continue reading to find ideas for your next nearby weekend family getaway. St. Augustine Historic St. Augustine is known as the oldest city in the United States. A perfect getaway for the family to experience […]

You’ve probably heard of SeaWorld in Orlando. Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive day resort that is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. If you’re planning a trip to SeaWorld, consider adding a day at Discovery Cove to your itinerary.  Who knew you could go to a relaxing resort so beautiful and tropical and […]

  Disney resort categories are extremely confusing. In this blog series I am going to be comparing the resorts in each category.   Disney offers resorts with varying levels of amenities to fit every travel style and budget.  Value Moderate  Deluxe Resorts.  For more info check out Understanding Disney World Resort Categories Basically, as you […]