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Visiting our country’s capital is a special visit for the whole family. There is so much significant history here to explore, and there’s also so many prominent places to visit. A city of power, people, and politics, it’s hard to ignore the rush of awe you feel as you take in sites like the White […]

    Since it opened in 2012, I have been extremely excited to check out the Art of Animation Resort!  Because it is SO popular, it’s been difficult to find a reservation. In May 2021, I was finally able to stay in a Finding Nemo Family Suite with my husband, mother-in-law and 3 year old […]

  Many years ago you couldn’t book a vacation without a travel agent. You needed someone to physically write your tickets. Then the internet became ubiquitous and apps like TripAdvisor made booking vacation not only possible but enjoyable. Then… the internet became overloaded with resources and opinions. Now it can be overwhelming to wade through […]

  With so many of us changing the way we travel this summer, the National Parks have been more popular than ever.  A few years ago the thought of a vacation in a National Park did not appeal to me at all. My company sent me (reluctantly) to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to scope out hotels […]