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The idea of cruising may not appeal to you if all you think is that they hit the same ports with the same jewelry and t-shirt shops and are herded onto buses like cattle to experience the same excursions. You want a more intimate, authentic experience that explores a multi-city destination or region. There is […]

I’d venture to say that not too many people enjoy standing in line. That’s why they invented the Disney Fast Pass, right? Although I will do everything in my power to keep your wait times to a minimum, sometimes you end up spending more time in a queue than you would like. So how do […]

Want to gift wrap a family vacation this year? More families are giving vacations and other experiences as gifts because it’s a gift that you can enjoy when you unwrap it, when you take the trip, and then for a lifetime through priceless family memories. So whether you leave on Christmas Day or another time […]

Even when stay-at-home orders have ended it is going to take the travel industry a little while to bounce back. And I’m sure you have been stuck in your home for months that you want to go somewhere… anywhere. I have put together some ideas for some fun vacations within driving distance of Boston. These […]

There is nothing more special than celebrating any occasion at the Most Magical Place on Earth.. Especially birthdays! Thousands of people flock to Walt Disney World to celebrate their or their child’s birthday at Disney each year. Disney makes it SO easy to add a little extra pixie dust to your birthday celebration. We recently […]