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Don’t just take a vacation; take a break from ‘the busy’

How long has it been since your last family vacation?

Are you a too-busy mom who wishes you could take your family on an epic trip without…

  • Spending hours on hold making reservations?

  • Disappearing into the rabbit-hole of Facebook moms group recommendations?

  • Worrying that you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned vacation dollars?

  • Feeling like you’re neglecting your kids while you plan the whole thing?

Between your marriage, your kids, your career, and your side projects, you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

You deserve an incredible family vacation, and you deserve to have someone else coordinate the details.

Travel Planning for Busy Families

At Showcase the World Travel, we handle all of the details, taking into account your family’s interests and budget. 

Here’s how:


During a preliminary Vacation Conversation with one of our team members, we’ll learn about you, your family, and your vacation priorities. Afterward, we’ll send you a complimentary proposal, tailored to your specific vacation vision and budget.



Once you’ve chosen a resort and we have the foundation of your vacation in place, we’ll collect information about your preferences to offer specific dining and activity recommendations, ultimately crafting a customized plan for YOUR dream vacation.



Finally, you’ll set off on your dream vacation, equipped with all the preparations and information you need to have a smooth, memory-making experience. (And if anything comes up, a member of our team is just a phone call or text away!)

Take the first step

Enjoy a Vacation You Don’t Have to Plan

We’re here to help you plan a vacation where the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying some quality time with your family (and maybe even a few moments to yourself)!

Personalized Planning

Custom touring plans, itineraries, and more… and because we gather ample information from you in the beginning, all of our recommendations are based on YOUR family’s needs and interests.

Destination Education

In the months leading up to your vacation, we deliver important info and destination-focused tips straight to your inbox so you’re prepared with local knowledge and travel advice in advance.

Peace of mind

Our team treats your vacation like their own, paying attention to even the smallest details. Rest assured, we will maximize your vacation dollars and advocate for you any time problems arise.

Kind Words

“Christina was amazing. We transferred our reservation over to her and she went above and beyond. She scored us extra perks and was so helpful with decisions we weren’t sure on… Christina will definitely be our go to person for our future Disney travels!”

— Kelly H., Walt Disney World

“What a remarkable experience we had. We had four full days of quality time together and I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding it was. I walked into this experience with no knowledge of where we were going or what we were going to do. Christina’s expert guidance allowed us to squeeze as much as humanly possible into our time there. She was generous with her time and knowledge. The “fun” is easy to consider but the impact for a 13 year old kid who is learning to live blind, after surviving a brain tumor, pondering his future and literally, feeling his way forward, is immeasurable.”

— Rob H., Location

“Christina was amazing. We transferred our reservation over to her and she went above and beyond. She scored us extra perks and was so helpful with decisions we weren’t sure on… Christina will definitely be our go to person for our future Disney travels!”

— Meaghan G., Walt Disney World

Where Will YOUR next Vacation Be?

Upheld as the Most Magical Place on Earth, yet notorious for crowds and long lines, Walt Disney World can give you the magical vacation you’ve always imagined. All it takes is some creative planning and a few expert tips and tricks to have you and your family navigating the 40 square miles of entertainment like a pro!

From California, 
to the New York island; 
from the Redwood forest, 
to the Gulf Stream waters; 
This land was made 
for you and me… to explore!
Whether you’re itching to hike in a national park or dreaming of something more metropolitan, let us help make your next U.S. vacation a great one!

Lush rainforests.
Steep, picturesque mountains.
Bustling culture hotspots and scenic countrysides. 
A balmy 80°F year-round. 
The Caribbean may sound like the epitome of paradise, but navigating the details of visiting one (or more) of the region’s 7,000+ islands can be tricky… 
so let us handle it for you!

Our neighbor down south offers it all—incredible resorts, great beaches, exciting activities, and a rich culture—all at a lower price point than many other destinations! And although some people worry about the safety of a family visit to Mexico, with Showcase the World Travel planning your trip, that never needs to be a concern. 

Europe is less than half the size of the U.S., but with 50 different countries, wide-ranging terrain and climates, and some of the oldest cultures in the world, planning a trip on your own can feel incredibly intimidating. That’s where we come in, making those vacation dollars stretch and giving you an experience that’s epic, not overwhelming.

Showcase the World Travel currently books with 11 different cruise lines, offering you destinations around the world. Tell us what you’re looking for then let us handle the details, from dining preferences, to shore excursions, and more! All you need to do is watch your inbox for important information and pack your bags!


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Meet Christina Vieira

Founder, Lead Travel Planner & Globetrotting Mom 

As a long-time solopreneur and now, as the leader of Showcase the World Travel, Christina has planned hundreds of family trips for parents who need a break from the busy.

She caught the travel bug while visiting EPCOT as a child, and it has only grown stronger through the years. When she’s not planning an epic trip for a client or being interviewed for your favorite travel podcast, you can find Christina catching a Friends re-run, belting ABBA, or off galavanting with her own little family.


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